Donald Trump Makes Headlines After Pulling Out of Final Debate in Iowa

Donald Trump made headlines on Tuesday night after he declared that he will not be taking part in the final debate in Iowa. Trump’s statement comes just 150 hours before the caucus. The Republican front runner has threatened similar boycotts in the past, but he always backed out at the last minute. Tuesday night, Trump’s campaign seemed adamant on boycotting the Iowa debate, and Ted Cruz took advantage by challenging Trump to a one-on-one debate.

Trump is pulling out of debate because of Megyn Kelly, who she states is “biased against him.”

Previous debates have drawn in crowds of millions, and Trump’s campaign believes that without his presence, the viewership numbers will be much lower. Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, stated that “viewership will go from probably 24 million to, you know, 2 million.”

Fox News, the news outlet that will be covering the debate, stated that they cannot allow for “terrorizations towards any employees.” Lewandowski had practically threatened Megyn Kelly who has, in the past, challenged Trump every step of the way. The two have been in a feud ever since.

Trump’s campaign did state that they are in talks with other networks to schedule a competing event on Thursday, the same day when the Fox debate is scheduled to air. Megyn Kelly stated on her Fox program that “Trump does not control the media.”

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