Trump’s Campaign Faces Real Test in Iowa as Voting Begins on Monday

Iowa voters will begin the voting process for the presidential nomination on Monday. The polls already show that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are neck-in-neck, and this will be the first true test of Donald Trump’s campaign. The campaign is a little unorthodox, and Donald Trump has changed the landscape of presidential campaigns as we know it in 2016.

Hillary Clinton is also a front runner to win in Iowa, but Bernie Sanders has been leading in many polls around the state.

The polls between Trump and Cruz show that Trump is slightly leading, and the same can be said with Hillary and Sanders. Iowa has traditionally been a state that does not make a commitment quickly to one candidate or another. Many experts believe that the residents of Iowa will remain a big question mark going into the polls.

Voting will take place at 7 PM, and the Des Moines Register showed that 30% of voters for the Democratic and 45% for the Republicans were still uncertain of which candidate to choose on Saturday.

A loss for Trump would put pressure on his campaign heading into the following contest in New Hampshire on February 9, and in South Carolina on February 20.

Written by Andrew

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