Clinton Edges Sanders in Iowa with 49.9% Delegates to Sanders 49.6% Delegates

Hillary Clinton received 699.57 state delegates versus Sanders 695.49 delegates in Iowa. The results are the closest in history in Iowa, and a total of 171,109 voters turned out to the caucus. Currently, 99% of all precincts are reporting, with current figures having Clinton winning the state 49.9% to Sanders 49.6%.

Martin O’Malley received less than 1% of all votes, and announced that he will be suspending his campaign.

The race is so close that the Associated Press stated they will not be announcing the winner at this time, and they still have not announced the winner officially as of 8:25 AM. One precinct has yet to report their votes, which is worth 2.28 delegates.

Even if Bernie Sanders does not win the state, he has proven that Hillary Clinton is not untouchable in the race for presidency. Just a few months ago, Sanders did not have massive support and is now being seen as “comeback” in Iowa. Clinton took the lead early in the night, before reaching a “virtual tie,” according to Sanders. Clinton’s campaign declared victory at 3:35 AM, but Sanders’ campaign has yet to concede.

Several precincts announced a tie, with all of them being won by a coin toss in Clinton’s favor.

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