Anderson Cooper Forces Clinton to Stumble on Wall Street Question

Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton a question that stumped her on Wednesday night: “Why did you take high amounts of speaking fees from Goldman Sachs?” The question comes straight from one of Bernie Sanders’ key speaking points, and Clinton did not answer with the calmness and confidence that she has had in the past.

Hillary answered with “that’s what they offered.” Bernie Sanders has stated that since Hillary Clinton has taken $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for three speaking arrangements that she is beholden to Wall Street. Clinton stated that “every Secretary of State has done the same.” Clinton went on the defensive and tried to remind Cooper that she is a representative of New York, and insisted that she does not regret taking money from big banks. Clinton tried to point to her plan to reform the financial industry.

She went on to say that “they’re not giving me that much money now.” Hillary states that many of the donations that she receives are small donations from women, and that she wasn’t committed to running for president at the time of her giving speeches for Goldman Sachs.

Bernie Sanders states that Hillary Clinton’s super PAC has received at least $15 million directly from Wall Street. Anderson Cooper interviewed both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but the format did not allow for back and forth arguments between both candidates.

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