Candidates Unite to Not Answer Questions about Speaking Fees

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have had enough about questions about speaking fees, according to a new report. This week, both democratic presidential candidates refused to answer any more of these questions.

That’s rather odd since Sanders brought up the issue in the first place. Clinton said, “Hey, if people know you, they pay you to say things in public.” In response, Donald Trump said, “Yo, I’m getting paid right now, come after me – please I’m bored nobody has mentioned my name in five minutes.”

A proactive funds source panel said speaking fees come from speaking budgets. Big banks and Wall Street do not draw money out of their operations for those kinds of things.

Another source said there are no more questions to ask about speaking fees. They Weymouth Sociological Institute claims it is the first time in history there are statistically and logistically no more questions to ask about a topic.

Written by Andrew

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