Trump Campaign Mellows Out Ahead of New Hampshire Primary

Donald Trump has shifted his campaign heading into the New Hampshire primary. Trump visited Plymouth, New Hampshire where he was seen talking to people and promising lower prescription drug prices, treatment for heroin addiction, and improved education in the state.

Trump discussed during the Republican debate that he did not want poor people dying in the streets, and it seems as if his campaign is starting to mellow out.

Trump remained stern, but showed a softer side at the debate. The presidential hopeful stated that he wants punishments “worse than waterboarding” for terrorists, and even stated that “stupid people” are running the government.

The campaign has shown that it’s willing to change its tactics going into the New Hampshire primary, and Trump has stated that there’s a lot of pressure going into debates. His campaign surged on “shock and awe” initially, but he has changed his tactics to try to become more personable with voters. Always confident, Trump even stated that he was nervous about the Iowa caucus results.

The Republican presidential candidate was seen shaking hands with patrons in New Hampshire to show that he’s a regular guy, not just a billionaire.

Trump decided not to take aim at Mark Rubio during Saturday’s debate, and ended the night by saying “I love you folks.” He also added, “if you’re not going to vote for me, do not vote.”

Written by Andrew

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