Trump’s Campaign Struggles Due to Refusal to Adjust Strategy

Donald Trump may have started to show a softer side as of late, but his campaign continues to struggle. The presidential hopeful has lost the support of Eric Eastman and Max Abramson, both representatives of New Hampshire, that hoped Donald Trump would support their agenda by going against Medicaid expansion in the state of New Hampshire.

Mark Rubio and Ted Cruz both went on video against the Medicaid expansion, helping their campaigns, but Trump failed to follow suit at his recent rally on Thursday. Trump state chair, Andrew Hemingway, believed that Trump would discuss the Medicaid expansion in Portsmouth, but he failed to do so.

Making matters worse, Trump stated that he wants to “get rid of Obamacare,” and make something great. Trump remained vague on his ideas for healthcare, but did state that “we have people to help. Don’t we have to help?”

A supporter for Rand Paul, who had a failed presidential bid, called Hemingway and asked him, “what gives?” It was expected that Donald Trump would be against the expansion of Medicaid, but the supporters that he may have gained from Rand Paul are now looking towards other candidates that disapprove the expansion of Medicaid. Endorsements instead went to Ted Cruz. Donald Trump’s own campaign is concerned that he will not follow the steps of other candidates, and that he will set his own course during the election, which may cause him to lose support of many of his backers.

Written by Andrew


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