Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Win in New Hampshire Primary

Bernie Sanders pulled off a major victory in New Hampshire, leading 59.9% to Clinton’s 38.4%. O’Malley also secured 0.3% of the votes. Bernie Sanders held his watch party at Concorde High School, and the presidential hopeful stated that “nine months ago, nobody would of thought I could win in New Hampshire.”

Sanders was excited during his victory speech, and believes that the people of New Hampshire have “sent a profound message to the political establishment.” Interestingly, during his speech, Sanders stated that he expects the presidential race to get uglier in the coming months following his win.

Donald Trump also won in New Hampshire, securing 35.1% of the votes. Kasich received 15.9% of votes, Ted Cruz received 11.6% in votes and Jeb Bush received 11.1% of the votes. All four candidates were able to secure delegates, while Mark Rubio had 10.5% of the votes, but did not garner any delegates. The Republican race was much more diverse than the Democratic race, with Chris Christie, Ben Carson and Rand Paul getting votes.

Hillary Clinton quickly announced that “I know what it is like to be knocked down, and all that matters is whether you get back up.” The nomination will likely be won in the month of March, not February, and many supporters of Clinton believe that she will win in the month of March.

Written by Andrew

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