Bush, Trump Hit the South Carolina Campaign Trail

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are hitting the trail in South Carolina, but Bush has brought along an ally in hopes of drumming up support for his campaign: George W. Bush. The presidential hopeful’s brother and former President of the United States made his first campaign appearance in support of Jeb, and despite being attacked by Trump, quietly pressed his brother’s case.

Before his appearance, Trump spent 72 hours criticizing and baiting the former president, blaming him for 9/11 and the Iraq War. But during Jeb’s rally, George W. never even uttered Trump’s name.

Instead, George W. spent 20 minutes speaking to 3,000 people in hopes of subtly convincing them to reconsider their support for Trump. The former president said that he understood that Americans were frustrated and angry, but having a president that “mirrors and inflames our frustrations” would only make matters worse. He noted that the Republican Party needs someone who can fix the issues and calm the anger that so many Americans have.

George W. Bush’s calm demeanor was a stark contrast to Trump’s political stylings. Trump spent 50 minutes insulting both Bushes as well as his other rivals at a nearby press conference just four hours before Jeb Bush’s rally.

Despite his rash brand of politics, Trump is still leading the Republican race, securing a huge win in New Hampshire. Trump is also leading the polls in South Carolina by 20 points over his biggest rival. Bush is currently in fourth place.

In a state that will likely make or break his campaign, Jeb Bush is hoping to use his brother’s popularity to his advantage and swing the campaign in his favor.

Written by Andrew

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