Democrats, Stunned by Sanders’ Support, Hope to Replicate His Success

Democrats haven’t endorsed him. They don’t think he has a chance to win. Despite their overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton, Democrats are in awe of Bernie Sanders’ success.

Democrats on the hill are trying to devise a way to capture some of Sanders’s success, and his ability to raise a significant amount of money from an endless supply of supporters. Democrats are also surprised by Bernie’s ability to connect with college-age voters, a key demographic. The surge of support seen for Bernie hasn’t been seen since Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.

After his crushing victory in New Hampshire, Bernie raised $6 million in just 24 hours from everyday people. His fundraising is on par with Hillary Clinton, which has stunned the Democratic establishment and allowed Sanders to continue his fight for the presidential nomination. Bernie’s success is something the leaders of the Democratic Party cannot ignore.

Although Bernie is still trailing behind Hillary, Democrats in the White House have been strategizing on ways to reach young voters. If Bernie can propel out of obscurity and give Hillary a run for her money, Democrats would be wise to try and implement his successful messages.

The overwhelming support for Sanders has created a catch-22 for House Democrats. The majority are liberal, but the party still needs to garner support from moderate and blue collar voters in swing states. But the risk of alienating Sanders’ supporters is very real if the Democrats do not appeal strongly to the liberal base. Finding a balance will prove to be a challenge for the party heading into the election.

Written by Andrew

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