Ted Cruz’s Campaign Struggles as Marc Rubio Gains in Popularity

Ted Cruz’s campaign is struggling to maintain steam as the presidential hopeful is being accused of “dirty tricks.” Making matters worse,  Marc Rubio gained support through big endorsements the day before Nevada’s caucuses.

Cruz’s campaign is all about “TrustTED,” a sign that is seen at every rally. The meaning of this sign has been put into question as the presidential hopeful has been scrutinized in the media for three days straight. The campaign immediately went on the offensive, firing Rick Tyler, the campaign’s communication director, after he posted a link to a student newspaper that misstated a quote by Rubio about the Bible.

The paper stated, “the book doesn’t have many answers in it.”  Rubio’s actual words weren’t “every question you’ll ever have is in the book,” referring to the Bible.

Cruz’s campaign further suffered backlash after the campaign implied that Ben Carson was going to drop out of the race. There have been several times when the campaign has misquoted or misrepresented the facts, and Rubio has capitalized on each misstep along the way.

Rubio further questioned Cruz’s campaign, and told reporters in Nevada, “Who’s going to be held accountable? Who is held accountable for robo-calls or lying about Ben Carson?” Cruz quickly responded to Rubio’s remarks by stating, “We will conduct this campaign with the highest integrity.” The claim has not been substantial enough for voters that see the apparent gaffs along the way and question the sincerity of the Cruz campaign.

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