Super Tuesday is Judgement Day for Ted Cruz

Super Tuesday is here, and eleven states will take to the polls to place their vote for a presidential candidate. Analysts expect it to be judgment day for Ted Cruz, who has built his campaign around the March 1st primaries.

Cruz has differed from other candidates in the past that revolved their campaign around the Iowa caucus. Super Tuesday’s significance is apparent in the Cruz campaign as he toured Georgia for his latest book, spent time in Oklahoma and sent a team to Tennessee to campaign on his behalf.

Matt Schultz stressed the importance of the Cruz campaign returning to Iowa. Schultz flew to Houston to discuss the matter with Cruz’s team to show commitment to the state of Iowa. The state is an important one for conservatives, and Cruz narrowly won the state, with 27.6% of votes earning 8 delegates.

“The South is the big prize” stated Jeff Roe, Cruz’s campaign manager. Cruz’s entire campaign has been built on Super Tuesday, which awards 595 delegates. Trump is leading the polls early Tuesday morning. A failure for Cruz’s team would be catastrophic at this point following a loss in South Carolina.

Cruz is also struggling in Texas, his home state.

The Cruz campaign was officially launched in March 2015. The team built voter models around the March primaries. Texas was the base of the models. A conservative evangelical candidate, Cruz is discussing the importance of Super Tuesday with reporters, and stated, “Our campaign will do well, it must do well.” A loss to Trump on Tuesday would be a major blow to Cruz’s chance of presidency.

Written by Andrew


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