GOP Scrambling After Trump Wins Super Tuesday

“I feel awfully good,” stated Trump following the Super Tuesday primaries. Trump promised to unify the Republican party and beat Hillary Clinton in November. Trump won in seven out of eleven states on Tuesday including blowouts in Alabama and Massachusetts. The only states Trump failed to win were: Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas and Alaska.

Republican party members had hoped that Marco Rubio would do well on Super Tuesday and stop the momentum of Trump. A dominant showing on Tuesday changed the pace of the GOP, with Trump’s prospects of winning at an all-time high. GOP members fear that Trump will not be able to beat Clinton or Sanders in November.

Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for Barack Obama, states, “Republicans in many key states see Trump as a threat to their survival.”

Joe Heck’s supporters worry that a Trump nomination could undermine Heck’s chances of winning a Senate seat. Bob List, former governor of Nevada for the Republican party, believes “the U.S. Senate could be lost if Trump wins.” List is stated as saying the GOP can lose as many as 30 to 40 seats in the House if Trump wins.

Arizona is one state that could shift Trump’s momentum going forward. John McCain is on the cusp of being outpaced by Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick. Ads have already been shown in the state attacking McCain for saying that he will support Trump if he is a nominee. The GOP fears losing Latino voters that are against Trump. Even if Trump becomes president, the GOP fears they will lose seats in the Senate and House.

Written by Andrew

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