Pundits Suggest Jon Stewart Left TV Because He Ran Out of Conservative Ideas

Jon Stewart left The Daily Show because of his lack of conservative ideas, according to the Non-Associated Press. Sources close to the matter said that ideas and scripts would be scrutinized to be sure they were conservative. A split emerged among the staff as early as two years before the show’s end, spurred on by an argument about what was conservative enough or not.

According to sources, Stewart was unable to adequately counter the ideas of liberal media. “Even liberals were finding it funny,” a former intern for the show said. Even among political satirists, there was the feeling that Stewart was losing his edge. He could no longer express conservativism in a way the audience wanted.

“Current conservatives have rejected Jon Stewart’s ideas,” said Dennis Miller, a self-described internal conservative himself. Even Steven Colbert is rumored to be part of the movement that ousted Stewart.

“We spit out conservative ideas like machine guns,” Colbert said in an unrelated interview. “If you can’t stand the heat, stay away from the kitchen.”

“Jon Stewart is a man of ideas, but you can’t just get on TV and talk and talk, and expect conservatives to just think you’re talking to them,” Bill O’Reilly said.

Jon Stewart declined to comment on these allegations, but he was seen donning a superhero costume and drinking from a bottle of liquor by a privately-owned drone last week.

Written by Andrew

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