Takeaways from Sunday’s Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton squared off in a debate on Sunday night in Flint, Michigan. The heated debate resulted in Sanders changing his tactics from discussing mainly anti-Wall Street to issues that are apparently more pertinent at this stage in his campaign: racism.

Clinton has dominated Sanders in states where African Americans have a larger percentage of the vote, and Sanders aimed to change that during the debate.

Sanders steered the questioning to issues that hit home for many African Americans. The presidential hopeful discussed drug and crime sentencing, issues with infrastructure, and his early battle against racism that dates back to the 74-year-old’s college days.

The Sanders campaign took a turn on Sunday night, showing the personal nature of Sanders. In past debates, the presidential hopeful has been reluctant to discuss his past fight against racism. Gaining ground on Sunday night, Sanders talks about his 1960’s arrest during an anti-racism protest. Sanders even stated, “I am very proud of being Jewish.” The presidential hopeful said, “My father’s family was wiped out by the Nazis.”

Touching on his personal life is a tactic that Sanders, until now, had yet to do.

Hilary won the debate over guns and the auto bailout. “I voted to save the auto industry,” stated Clinton. Sanders stated, “I will be damned if it was the working people that bailed out Wall Street.”

Sanders even went on the attack on Hillary, stating, “Your husband’s welfare reform increased poverty.” The Sanders campaign won ground during the debate in a state where Hilary is expected to win. The debate was in Sander’s favor, and should boost his vote amongst African Americans.


Written by Andrew


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