Tel Avivians Unite in Laughter Days After ‘Guitar Hero’ Thwarts Palestinian Terrorist With Guitar

Days after 26 year old busker, Yishay Montgomery, smashed his guitar over the head of a Palestinian terrorist in an effort to protect himself and others from a stabbing attack in the Jaffa Port, Tel Avivians shared laughs in honor of the “guitar hero”.  

Kenneth Blum’s photoshopped picture of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and security staff carrying guitars, with the headline “New Israeli Security Procedures”, was shared across apps and Facebook groups popular with Tel Avivians.

Members of the popular, mostly anglo Facebook group, Secret Tel Aviv, took a break from posting items for sale and complaints about culture clashes to request guitar permits and information regarding the open carry policy of guitars.

Others treated buskers outside of Manta Ray restaurant, where the attack occurred, with the reverence reserved for police and military.

The incident took place approximately one mile from where American Vice President Joe Biden was meeting with former Israeli president, Shimon Peres.  The events are thought to be unrelated, but Biden was immediately alerted when it was discovered that the attack had killed an American tourist, 28 year old Taylor Force, and critically wounded his pregnant wife.

If it had not been for the quick thinking of Montgomery who not only beat the terrorist with his guitar, but chased him, yelling “terrorist, terrorist”, it’s unthinkable how many others could have been killed.

Unfortunately, Montgomery’s guitar did not survive.  However, local music centers and fundraising campaigns have supplied the musician with replacements.  

Tel Avivians may seem to take this lightly, but the non-stop city has grown used to daily reports of violence throughout the country since October.  

Written by Andrew


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