Donald Trump Incites Violence; Ben Carson Warns of Possible Escalation

“Donald Trump incites violence” is a social media trend this morning. The presidential hopeful had to cancel his rally in Chicago following clashes with protesters. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both accused Trump of inciting violence at his rallies.

“I hope these guys get thrown into jail. They’ll never do it again. It will destroy their record,” Trump states on Saturday following a peaceful rally in Kansas. Trump has been blaming Bernie Sanders for the protests and called him “our communist friend.”

Trump stated, “Protesters probably deserved to get roughed up.” Jake Tapper asked Trump about violence at his rallies. “Do you believe you’ve done anything to create a tone where this kind of violence would be encouraged?” asked Tapper. Trump denies inciting violence, but was confronted with a quote from the billionaire’s rally when talking about a protester: “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

Last month, Trump told a crowd, “Knock the crap out of anyone with tomatoes.” The presidential hopeful even promised his followers that he would pay their legal bills. John McGraw, a Trump-backer, punched a black protester in North Carolina. The supporter stated on television, “Next time, we might have to kill him.” Trump is currently discussing paying the legal bills of McGraw.

Ben Carson, who endorsed Trump last week, stated, “If protesters continue disrupting Trump rallies, there is a real possibility of escalation.”

Trump refuses to take responsibility for inciting violence that has caused the presidential hopeful to back out of rallies since Chicago’s outburst of violence.

Written by Andrew

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