Bernie Sanders Campaign Hoping to Rattle Race Going in Tuesday Primaries


Tuesday night marks an important set of primaries that can change the Democratic race. Republican primaries are also taking place tonight. Polls point to Hillary Clinton being unbeatable in Florida, but the Midwest gives Bernie Sanders a chance to close the gap between himself and Clinton.

Leading up to Tuesday’s primaries, Sanders is starting closing in fast in the polls, cutting Clinton’s lead down in many states.

Sanders has a strong chance to pull ahead in Missouri, Ohio and Illinois where he is within single digits of Clinton, according to the latest polls. Winning all three states would put a strain on Clinton’s campaign.

Seven states between tonight’s primaries and April 5 will hold primaries, including Idaho, Alaska, Utah and Washington. Arizona and Wisconsin will also hold caucuses between these dates. Hawaii holds their caucus on March 26, but the state doesn’t hold much weight in the election. There are 2,950 delegates remaining in the democratic race. Sanders holds 580 delegates, with Clinton holding 1,235.

Clinton’s numbers are misleading due to super delegates accounting for nearly half of all her pledged delegates.

Missouri is Sanders’ best shot at a win tonight, according to Sanders’ and Clinton’s campaigns. Provided there is a major turnout, the Vermont senator is also projected to win Ohio and North Carolina. Sanders held a rally on Monday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ohio congressman, Tim Ryan, has less confidence in Clinton winning his state saying, “I think it’s going to be very close.” Sanders has been campaigning majorly in the state in recent weeks.

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