Clinton, Kasich Win Big on Tuesday

Tuesday was a big night for Clinton and Kasich, as the 2016 race to presidential nominations surges ahead. Hillary Clinton took home a big win in Ohio, increasing her likelihood of becoming the first female nominee of any major party.

Clinton took home wins in Florida and North Carolina, two states with serious delegate counts. She proved that she could capture the populous and diverse Midwestern states after the upset in Michigan.

John Kasich, Ohio Governor, took home a victory in his home state, giving Trump one less win. While the Democratic Party is inching closer to uniting behind one candidate, the Republic race may be headed in a different direction. With Cruz’s win in Missouri and Kasich’s win in Ohio, the GOP appears to be headed toward a contested convention.

Marco Rubio suspended his campaign on Tuesday after losing to Trump in his home state. The Florida senator took a 20-point loss in Florida, which made it impossible for the candidate to continue on. Rubio noted that America needs a conservative movement that is based on principles and ideas – not fear and anger.

On the topic of Trump, Clinton stated, “This might be one of the most consequential campaigns of our lifetimes. Our commander in chief has to defend our country, not embarrass it.”

With Rubio’s exit and Kasich’s sudden rise, a lot of unpredictable scenarios lie ahead for Trump. It’s still unclear as to how Florida senators will vote, but upcoming states – Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Delaware and Montana – appear to be in Trump’s favor.

Written by Andrew

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