Obama Condemns Terrorist Attacks That Leave 30+ Dead in Brussels

United States President Barrack Obama condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels that resulted in over 30 deaths on Tuesday morning. The president stated, “Such acts will not be tolerated.”

The president called for the world to unite together in the wake of the tragedy.

“We must be together in fighting the scourge of terrorism,” stated Obama. Discussing the event at the Gran Teatro in Havana, the president reassured the world, “We can and will defeat those that threaten the safety and security of people all around the world.”

The Islamic State took credit for the attacks, which took place on Tuesday. The attacks targeted the airport and a subway station in Brussels. Political shockwaves were felt across Europe following hundreds of injuries and over 30 deaths. Details of the violent acts are still emerging at this time.

Brussels is on lockdown following the explosions.

Officials immediately declared the attacks as terrorism. Presidential hopefuls in the United States were quick to react to the event. Donald Trump renewed his call for stronger security at the borders in the United States. “This is what I’ve been saying for a long time,” declared Trump.

President Obama spoke to the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel prior to delivering his speech on Tuesday. Obama reaffirmed the support of the United State to Belgium. The president “stands together with the people of Belgium, the EU and NATO.” The United States has further extended their commitment to defeating terrorism.

Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, and John Kerry, Secretary of State, were also briefed on the events unfolding in Belgium.

Written by Andrew

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