Suspicious Package Identified In Denver International Airport, Forcing Partial Evacuation

Since the horrific ISIS attacks in Brussels this week, the world’s airports and public transportation systems have been on high alert.  Many authorities suspected there might be further terrorist attacks planned. No chances have been taken with the safety of those who are using these modes of transport.

Segments of the International Airport in Denver had to be evacuated after there was a suspicious package found in a terminal.  All precautions were taken with this suspicious package, and the security team was quick to identify this potential threat and take the appropriate action to keep the people in the area safe.

No specific details have been released about the package itself. We do know that the TSA has taken precautionary measures by increasing security presence at major airports throughout the country, as well as in various transit and rail stations.

Vehicular traffic in the area has also been stopped near the west side terminal where the device was found, but the east side remains open to all passengers.

Written by Andrew

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