Sanders Wins Utah and Idaho, Clinton Wins Arizona


Clinton and Sanders squared off last night in Arizona, Idaho and Utah. Sanders won Utah and Idaho by a landslide, and Clinton won Arizona, the state with the most delegates of the night. Both Utah and Idaho held caucuses, a format that has done well for Sanders.

Arizona was the most important state of the night, with 75 delegates up for grabs. Clinton walked away with 41 delegates to Sanders 22 with 97% reporting. Sanders walked away with 17 delegates in Idaho and 18 in Utah with just 82% reporting. Clinton secured 5 delegates in each state.

“When we began this campaign, we were considered a fringe candidacy,” said Sanders as he spoke to a crowd of supporters in San Diego last night. The Vermont senator has won 10 primaries, excluding his two wins from last night.

Voters in Arizona have stated that they were either not allowed to vote or that, even with registration, they were told their votes would not count on the night. Voting in the state lasted until at least 11:30 at night despite polls slated to close at 9 pm. Reports of Clinton’s win in the state came out before polls officially closed on the night due to a high voter turnout.

Trump and Cruz split the night. Trump won Arizona and secured 58 delegates, while Cruz won more than 50% of the vote in Utah, securing 40 delegates.

Trump has won 19 of 29 states so far. There are 944 delegates remaining. Trump is currently leading with 739 delegates, and Cruz in second with 465 delegates.

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