Inaccurate Political Website Launches Kickstarter For New Septic Tank

A website highly regarded for its inaccuracies launches Kickstarter account to replace personal septic tank.

A dozen follwers of the website were shocked to receive an invite regarding donations towards Randy’s personal septic tank on Friday morning. The website known for publishing chain emails and biased opinions (oftentimes from Randy’s perspective) has fallen on hard times, with his septic tank needing repair.

Top earning published pieces such as “Legal Joe and Illegal Jose” has lost much of its traffic due to its own disregard for fact checking and biased journalism, which has ultimately led to the site panhandling online to make up for lost viewership and ad revenue.

“What began in my parent’s basement quickly touched tens, of not hundreds of people” stated Randy in the email. “A true patriot needs to carry his message far and wide, with a working septic tank being of utmost importance in his living quarters”.

Written by Andrew

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