Leading Lawmaker Says Sharing Data Is Wrong

In response to a recent NSA announcement to share more data, U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold said it is just morally wrong to share any data whatsoever.

“It goes against everything in the constitution. Nobody needs data. It’s so risky to have some data here and more there – it should never, ever be shared,” Farenthold said in an unrelated statement.

He also said all data absolutely violates privacy. Unsubstantiated reports also suggest he and U.S. Representative Ted Lieu were considering a plan to abolish all data. Lieu said, “Both Democrats and Republicans need to come to agreement that data are a threat to national security and the existence of our nation.”

“We are holding our citizens hostage,” a letter drafted by both representatives opens with. The document goes on to state the advent of data and its use in surveillance is unconstitutional, morally wrong, and dangerous.

Both men will testify before Congress later next week.

Written by Andrew

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