Donald Trump Believes That Great Britain Will Leave The European Union

Donald Trump has said he believes Great Britain will leave the European Union.

These are widely believed to be his first comments on the subject, saying that Great Britain has been “having a lot of problems” and he had come to his conclusion based on everything he had heard up to that point in time.

The statements arrived on the day that Trump went through some of the details of his foreign policy. The GOP presidential front-runner was in Washington when he talked about why he believed Britain would leave the European Union.

“I don’t want to make a comment about the UK leaving but I think they may leave based on – I’m there a lot, I have a lot of investments in the UK and I will tell you that I think they may leave based on everything I’m hearing.”

Great Britain’s membership in the European Union has been a topic of great debate in recent years, with many people calling for an exit. There is going to be an upcoming vote by the people of Great Britain to decide whether they do in fact wish to remain in the Union. This is the second time they are voting on the matter, having approved the membership originally in 1975, when it had the support of 67% of the voters.

Written by Andrew

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