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Lost Emails from Hillary Clinton from early 2009 unearthed

It was announced on Thursday that emails from the personal email account of Hillary Clinton dating all the way back to February 2009 have been found by Judicial Watch. Clinton has up to now denied that she had been using her personal email account at that point in time.

One of these emails is an exchange between Clinton and Cheryl Mills, her then chief of staff. The details of this exchange include concerns that Mills has about the NSA who are not happy with the request to have a BlackBerry device that is more secure. Clinton wanted to use the device to bypass some of the usual security protocols that are in place when someone is accessing information of a classified nature.

The personal email account that Clinton had been using has been a topic of conversation and investigation for some time now. The personal account in question is

Up to this point in time, the Democratic presidential candidate has maintained that she did not use this personal email account before March of 2009, which was a few months after she was sworn in as secretary of state. She claimed that she had been using her email account at that time, yet she has refused to release the contents of this account to the investigators.

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