Sanders Wins 7 out of the Last 8 Primaries with Win in Wisconsin

Bernie Sanders continues to close the gap against Hillary Clinton with a decisive win in Wisconsin Tuesday night. The presidential hopeful still lags behind Clinton by a large margin, but Sanders has racked up seven victories out of the last eight primaries.

Sanders stated, “We have won almost all of them with landslide numbers,” referring to his previous wins on Tuesday night during a victory speech. The Associated Press was one of the first news outlets to announce the win by Sanders after 40% of votes came in with Sanders leading 54% to Clinton’s 46%. Clinton took to Twitter to congratulate Sanders on his win, but did not speak publically on the matter.

The next caucus will be held in Wyoming on Saturday. Sanders spent Tuesday night in the state rallying for support. Wyoming is the only caucus before New York, which is rich with 247 delegates up for grabs. New York’s primaries will be held on April 19th. Sanders earned 47 delegates to Clinton’s 36 last night and has 1,058 total pledged delegates to Clinton’s 1,748. Clinton’s lead is largely inflated thanks to Superdelegates, which account for 469 of her delegates.

Nominees need to reach 2,383 delegates to be nominated for presidency, with 1,959 still up for grabs.

Wyoming provides a small delegate award of just 14 and is expected to be won by Sanders. A win in New York would allow the Sander’s campaign to become a true threat to Clinton, who is the Democratic frontrunner. Following the New York primary are five primaries which will be held on April 26.

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