Cruz Catches Up to Trump in Polls

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is about even with front-runner Donald Trump in the polls, according to a new survey from Reuters/Ipsos. Cruz picked up another victory on Tuesday, winning the Wisconsin primary. This is the first time one of Trump’s opponents has threatened his lead in Republican support since November.

Cruz’s poll gains come at a troubling time for Trump’s campaign. Last week, the Republican front-runner took back his remark that women who had abortions should be penalized if it becomes outlawed. Trump also voiced his support for his campaign manager, who allegedly grabbed a reporter and was charged with assault.

The recent poll, which was taken April 1-5 and included 568 Republicans, shows Cruz at 35.2% and Trump at 39.5%. The two candidates were about even early last week. But just one month ago, when Rubio was still in the race, Trump led Cruz in the polls by 20 points.

John Kasich, Ohio Governor and the only other Republican candidate in the race, came in third at 18.7%.

Trump’s support among women in particular has declined over the last few weeks. Over 70% of women voters had an “unfavorable” opinion of the Republican front-runner.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton held a 7-point lead in the national polls over Bernie Sanders.

Sanders and Cruz both took home victories in the Wisconsin primaries on Tuesday evening. Sanders faces an uphill battle to overtake Clinton for the nomination. Cruz’s double-digit win in the state was considered a breakthrough for his campaign as the Republican Party continues its fight to stop Trump from becoming the nominee.

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