Karl Rove’s Super PAC Suggests Trump Can Win

A super PAC conceived by Karl Rove suggested to its donors that Trump can win the White House with its help. Karl Rove has blasted Trump in the past and called him a “petty man.” Rove also believes that Trump has little chance of beating Hillary Clinton if he wins the Republican nomination.

The American Crossroads super PAC is warming up to Trump with the belief that they can save Republican senators that are up for reelection bids.

A phone call held on Tuesday included Rove and several Crossroads officials. A pollster outlined a map showing ways in which Trump could overcome Clinton in the general election. Three sources were briefed on the call.

One source stated that the call showed a “softening of the anti-Trump position.” The source was quick to state that the PAC doesn’t support Trump, but if he does get the nomination, the PAC can stop Clinton from becoming president.

An email sent out to donors a few weeks ago verifies the claim that the super PAC will do everything in its power to overcome a potential Clinton presidency. The email alleges that Clinton has “toxic vulnerabilities” and goes on to say that the “contest could be competitive regardless of our nominee.”

Republicans fear that a Trump nomination could lead to a historical defeat. The defeat could push the Republican party back several years.

“They have no choice but to be OK with him if he is the nominee,” states Stanley S. Hubbard, media mogul. Hubbard goes on to say “What are they going to do? Back Hillary?”

Written by Andrew

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