Clinton and Sanders Go Toe-to-Toe in Brooklyn Debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders went toe-to-toe in a vicious debate in Brooklyn Thursday night. The two Democratic hopefuls stood for a two-hour debate that included boos from the crowd and a fired up Sanders.

The debate comes days before the New York primary, which has Clinton at a 17-point lead, according to the latest polls.

The two candidates wasted no time taking jabs at one another. Sanders started the night with the question: “Does Secretary Clinton have the experience and intelligence to be president? Of course she does.” Sanders’ praise was turned into another statement, “I question a judgment that voted for the Iraq war.”

Sanders continually questions Clinton’s judgment for multinational trade deals and super PACs,

Clinton quickly fired back stating, “Senator Sanders did call me unqualified. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, that was a first.” Clinton’s campaign and arguments sought to stay within New York, stating that New Yorkers voted for her twice to be senator.

Secretary Clinton drew boos from the crowd when she brushed off the idea of providing transcripts for her speeches to Wall Street. Clinton responded by insinuating that when the other Republican and Democratic candidates release their tax returns, she will release her transcripts. Clinton has been calling on Sanders to release his tax returns, which he has not done as of yet.

“They are very boring tax returns,” stated Sanders. He also revealed that his wife does their taxes and that he promises to release his 2014 tax returns on Friday.

Sanders remains behind in the polls, but brought chants of “Bernie” from the crowd that forced Clinton to wait to speak during the debate.

Written by Andrew

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