Cruz Gains Edge on Trump in Wyoming

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is set to gain an important, albeit small, victory in Wyoming as he continues to battle Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

A committee of Republicans in Wyoming are poised to give Cruz the majority of the state’s remaining 14 delegates in July. While 14 may not seem like a big deal, Trump and Cruz have been going head-to-head in a fierce battle to win as many party insiders as possible. These insiders may very well decide who the presidential nominee will be if the convention is contested.

Cruz’s strengths in the state of Wyoming are a stark contrast to the way Trump handles the nuances of politics. Cruz has been focusing on courting delegates in preparation for the convention fight. Trump, on the other hand, has been running a national campaign that is focused on early nomination contests with the popular vote. He’s focused little attention to the deeper elements of politics in the U.S.

In addition to going out of his way for personal visits with supporters, Cruz has also made regular conference calls to supporters in his state and hospitality suites to win over state party supporters. By contrast, Trump has attacked the delegate system, calling it “rigged”.

Cruz will hold an event on Saturday where he will speak to his supporters in Wyoming. Trump has not campaigned in the state and has focused his efforts on New York.

Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming said, “Cruz was here, and that makes a difference to a small state.”

Written by Andrew

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