Donald Trump Expected to Win New York by a Landslide

Donald Trump is leading the polls in New York in what may be a landslide victory this Tuesday. The Republican frontrunner is in dire need of delegates to secure his nomination, and polls indicate that Trump could lose over 24 vital delegates if he does not win the majority in all portions of the state.

Trump is outpacing John Kasich 49 percent to 24 percent, with Ted Cruz far behind with just 14 percent, according to Optimus Consulting.

The survey conducted by Optimus shows Trump leading in all of the 27 districts. The margins will play an important role in Trump’s campaign, as 95 delegates are up for grabs in the state. New York’s rules result in all three delegates going to the candidate that receives over 50 percent of the vote in each district. If Trump falls short of the 50 percent mark, he will lose delegates to other runners.

Under New York law, the runner-up will receive one delegate and the winner with under 50 percent of the votes will secure two delegates.

The polls have Trump taking Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. Upstate districts have him with 40 percent of the vote. Trump is below the 50 percent threshold in 8 of the districts polled. Districts heavily dominated by Democrats have a low sample size, which renders many of the districts insignificant statistically.

Recent polls have a worst case scenario of Trump securing 65 delegates in New York, with a stronger showing resulting in Trump securing 85 delegates.

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