Bernie Sanders Rally in Brooklyn Draws in Record Crowd

Recent polls show Hillary Clinton as a favorite to win the important New York primary on Tuesday night, but democratic hopeful, Bernie Sanders is not letting the polls slow his campaign. The Brooklyn native held a rally in Prospect Park on Sunday that drew in record crowds.

The 74-year-old democrat spoke to over 28,000 people that attended his rally on Sunday afternoon.

Sanders and his campaign has been rallying for over a year with large crowds gathering to listen to the senator. The crowd at Prospect Park reached 28,300 people to set a new record for Sanders. Sanders rallied in Greenwich Village four days earlier prior to debating with Clinton in a televised debate.

The debate exposed the lead of Clinton as Sanders continues to excite his followers. A bitter battle between the two resulted in the Vermont senator losing ground, according to polls. Both Democratic hopefuls continued to rally over the weekend, with Clinton speaking in Staten Island.

Gravis released poll data Sunday night indicating that there is just a six-point gap between Sanders and Clinton in New York, with Clinton up 53% to 47%. Still a gap that needs to be closed further, polls a month ago had Clinton with a 48-point lead going into New York. Two other recent polls have Clinton ahead 10 and 12 points.

Sanders did not hesitate to mention Clinton’s name during his rally, a mistake the senator made early on in the race. Speaking to the crowd of over 28,300 people, Sanders stated that “Clinton has chosen to raise her money in a different way,” noting that Clinton’s campaign is funded by super PACs.

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