Hillary Clinton Amps Up Campaigning in New York Ahead of Tonight’s Primaries

Hillary Clinton is doing everything in her power to win in the New York primaries tonight. The presidential hopeful was seen playing dominoes in Harlem, riding the subway in the Bronx and drinking tea in Queens yesterday.

Former President Bill Clinton was in Upstate New York and was seen in over four cities in one day trying to rally support for his wife.

“This is a must-win state,” Bernie Sanders said weeks ago, and Clinton views New York in the same manner. Clinton was seen on stage in Manhattan next to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Clinton and Cuomo rallied the crowd for a $15-an-hour minimum wage. The event worked in Clinton’s favor, although she is quoted as not supporting the minimum wage increase in the past.

Clinton’s opponent for the democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, has also been campaigning in the city. The Brooklyn-born candidate’s approach has been to hold mega rallies in which 28,000 people swarmed to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to hear him speak.

Sanders has rallied supporters to reach out and campaign on his behalf, which has proven to be successful in recent primaries.

Clinton took the same approach in New York as she did during her senate run in 2000. The potential democratic nominee tried to convince New Yorkers that she is concerned about the state of New York and the growing concerns in communities.

Written by Andrew

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