“This One’s Personal” States Clinton Following New York Victory

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton won the New York primaries last night followed by a powerful statement:“This one’s personal.” Clinton slowed Bernie Sanders’ momentum going into the night, following 7 out of 8 possible victories. Clinton won the state decisively with 98% of precincts reporting. She won 139 delegates on the night to Sanders’ 106.

The pair will move onto the April 26 primaries where five states will be voting: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The states are seen as a strength for Clinton. The Sanders campaign has reaffirmed that they will stay in the race following Clinton’s New York victory and will reassess the campaign following the April 26 primaries.

Clinton took a tailored approach to win in New York. The candidate was seen drinking tea in Queens, riding the subway and even playing dominoes in Harlem.

Sanders made several mistakes along the way leading up to the New York primaries, with the biggest being a statement that Clinton was unqualified to be president. Sanders had to back track all week and change his tone to criticize Clinton’s judgment rather than her qualifications.

Independents are not allowed to vote in New York’s primaries due to a closed primary system. Only individuals that are registered Democrats are allowed to vote in the primary in a state where 3 million voters are not registered.

Written by Andrew

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