Trump and Clinton Win Big in New York, Sanders Holds Onto Hope

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won the New York primaries on Tuesday night. Clinton followed up her win with “There’s no place like home.” The victory resulted in her receiving 139 delegates to Bernie Sanders’ 109 delegates, with 98% of polling stations reporting.

Clinton now holds the lead over Sanders with 1,428 pledged delegates to 1,151 pledged delegates. When including superdelegates, Clinton’s lead widens to 1,930 to Sanders’ 1,189.

Supporters for Sanders were reminded that he will remain in the race until June with his adviser saying “that remains unchanged.”

Trump took a commanding lead in the Republican race, all but eliminating Cruz, who received no delegates in New York. Trump took home 89 of a possible 95 delegates, with John Kasich receiving the final six delegates. Trump spoke at Trump Tower following the primaries and stated, “Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.”

“We don’t have much of a race anymore,” said Trump.

Cruz dismissed Trump’s remarks and blew off the night’s event by saying Trump is “a politician winning his home state.” Cruz also took at jab at Sanders during his 12-minute speech, stating that Americans want an “outsider” like Trump and Sanders. Clinton and Sanders are both moving their campaign forward for the April 26 primaries, which include Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Written by Andrew

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