Trump Takes New York in Landslide Victory

Republican front-runner Donald Trump took home a landslide victory in New York’s primary on Tuesday, dimming the chances of Ted Cruz taking the nomination.

Trump delivered his victory speech at his tower on Fifth Avenue, but the crowd saw a more restrained candidate who dropped the name-calling in a favor of a more presidential posture. Last night, Cruz was no longer “Lyin’ Ted,” but rather “Senator Cruz.”

“This has been an amazing week,” Trump said. The Republican front-runner boldly claimed, “We don’t have much of a race anymore.”

For Ted Cruz, the loss was devastating, but not unexpected. The candidate was hoping to turn momentum in his favor by keeping Trump’s support below the 50% threshold, which would have prevented him from gaining a large number of delegates. Instead, Cruz appears to be fighting for a threshold of his own: the 20% needed to even be eligible for delegates in the state’s congressional districts.

Trump closed the night at 60%, an easy win for the New York-born candidate despite fierce campaigning by John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Trump will likely take away 89 of the 95 delegates up for grab in New York.

Kasich trailed at 25%, allowing him to take away a handful of delegates. Cruz will likely walk away with zero delegates after lagging behind Kasich and Trump in every corner of the state.

Written by Andrew


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