Trump’s Campaign Looks to Mend RNC Relationship Following Win in New York

The Republican front-runner Donald Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination following a blowout win in New York, in which his closest competitor, Ted Cruz, received zero delegates on the night.

Trump has been stated as saying the system is “rigged,” and he has made little effort to be part of the Republican National Committee thus far in his campaign. Trump’s campaign changed their position following a win in New York by inviting all 168 members of the committee to a campaign presentation that is scheduled to take place on Thursday night.

The reception will be held in Hollywood, Florida during the RNC’s scheduled meeting. Ben Carson, potential presidential nominee that dropped out of the race and quickly endorsed Trump, will be on hand to help sway RNC members in Trump’s favor. Paul Manafort, Trump’s chief strategist, will also be on hand to discuss Trump’s path to victory going forward.

Anti-Trump activists have been hard at work to get named into individual national delegate slots, which allows them to change their vote on later ballots. Activists against Trump would be able to vote for Ted Cruz, which would open up the potential for Cruz to win the nomination even though he is in second place for pledged delegates.

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