Protests Held Over Secrecy Surrounding Clinton’s Use of Private Server Email

Jason Leopold of Vice News protested the classified declaration from the Justice Department of Hillary Clinton’s email messages and files. Leopold’s lawyers are demanding access to files and email messages on the server that have been retrieved by the FBI.

In an effort to keep the files and emails private, the FBI has offered District Court Judge Randy Moss information about the FBI investigation and further details into the matter. The private server email was used by Clinton over a four-year period, one in which she served as secretary of state.

Attorneys allege that the Justice Department violated legal protocol by not seeking further permission from the court before filing “ex parte.”

Protests picked up steam on Wednesday when the Justice Department was ordered to file a redacted copy of the secret filings publically. The department will need to show “cause” if the copy cannot be produced. The department has until April 26 to comply with the order.

Leopold utilized the Freedom of Information Act to seek access to deleted messages which have been recovered from the server by the FBI. The case also seeks to secure any communication between Clinton representatives and the FBI on the matter. The FBI has stated that the two sides have not communicated on the matter.

Written by Andrew

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