Sanders Face Rough Road Ahead to Nomination

Bernie Sanders faces a rough road ahead on the path to the Democratic nomination following his loss in New York. The Vermont senator will battle in several states where Clinton is favored to win, including Maryland, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Sanders still trails by double-digits in these states. In Rhode Island and Delaware, Clinton has the support of state establishments.

None of the upcoming states offer open primaries, a format that Sanders has thrived with. The states also feature a diverse electorate, which Sanders has also struggled to gain support.

After a disappointing loss in New York, Sanders and his determination will be tested next week. The senator insisted in his email to supporters that the campaign still has a path to the nomination. But a loss in the five upcoming states could deal a devastating blow to his campaign and his supporters.

Pennsylvania will be a particularly important state next week, offering the most delegates of the five states. Sanders has spent over $1.4 million on advertising in the state over the last week. Clinton, by comparison, has spent just $860,000.

Hillary won Pennsylvania in 2008 when she ran against Barack Obama, but Sanders does have support from progressives in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The state also has a high college student population, a demographic that Sanders does particularly well with.

“What I have learned so far from this campaign is that when voter turnout is high we win,” Sanders said when speaking to a crowd at Penn State University. “So next Tuesday, let us have the highest voter turnout in Pennsylvania history.”

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