Time is Running Out for Bipartisan Legislation to Reform US Criminal Laws

Time is running out for a criminal justice bill that would relax many of the country’s minimum sentences laws. The bill has received support from both the White House and GOP in a rare showing.

The attempt to win support from Senate Republicans is seen as one of the last chances for a major bipartisan legislation to be introduced this year.

Iowa’s Chuck Grassley and Texas’s John Cornyn have been working to gain support from GOP senators to demonstrate to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that the bill would receive sweeping support in the senate. The bill will reduce minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders.

The goal is to show that the bill can pass quickly through the senate floor.

The bill passed through the Judiciary Committee in October and has remained stagnant since. The legislation has been revised further to meet the needs of conservatives that feared the bill would loosen the penalties for violent criminals and lead to their release.

Sponsors of the bill have hinted at a rollout for weeks, but no official announcement has been made as of yet.

The bill needs rapid support to pass in an election year. The Republican National Committee will hold a meeting in July and will remain out of commission, for the most part, until November or December.

Written by Andrew


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