Clinton Targets Sanders with New Campaign to Lure in Younger Voters

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is targeting one of the strengths of Bernie Sanders: young voters. The front-runner launched a fundraising bid to bring in small donations from voters. Sanders lured in young voters that donated an average of $27.

Outpacing Clinton in fundraising, Clinton started the “for45” campaign which allows members to gain associate level memberships for as little as $250.

Young voters are excited to be part of the Clinton campaign and want the opportunity to host low-dollar events. Clinton’s campaign is known for fundraising among the country’s elite and holding high value campaigns.

Clinton’s campaign was set in motion on Thursday through a conference call by Dennis Cheng and members of the Clinton campaign. There are two groups that will be available to “members”: those that generate $2,500 will become a member while those that generate $10,000 or more in fundraising will be an “advisor.”

Younger voters flocked to the polls for Sanders and helped the Vermont senator fund his campaign. The campaign to bring in young voters will help Clinton secure additional funds if she wins the Democratic nomination.

Sanders took 65% of Democratic votes in the 18 to 29 age group in New York despite losing to Clinton by 16 points. Appealing to younger voters is

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