Cruz Calls on Indiana to Stop Trump

With time running out for Ted Cruz, the Republican candidate called on Indiana to stop Trump from clinching the nomination. Cruz appealed to social conservatives, proclaiming that the state may be the party’s best chance to deny Trump the nomination.

Speaking at the GOP annual dinner, Cruz said, “Indiana’s voice, Indiana’s megaphone to the country will decide what path this party goes down, what path this country goes down.”

Indiana is favorable territory for Cruz and a smart place to launch an effort to deny Trump the delegates he needs to secure the nomination. The Midwestern state’s political party is primarily anti-Trumps and socially conservative, a demographic Cruz has done well with.

Cruz launched his campaign in Indiana with a familiar message – one that’s focused on a traditional approach to gender issues and marriage and on religious liberty.

The candidate spent a lot of time on Wednesday criticizing Trump for opposing North Carolina’s law that forces transgender individuals to use the appropriate restroom for their biological gender.

Cruz attacked Trump, saying he’s no different from “leftist elites” who are politically correct. The candidate’s campaign has launched ads on the subject. Cruz’s wife headed out to Martinsville to campaign for her husband, telling the crowd that Cruz was “raised learning the Constitution and the Bible at the dinner table.”

Written by Andrew


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