Cruz Campaign Says Rules Won’t Bend for Donald Trump

A spokesman for Ted Cruz’s campaign said Donald Trump will not earn the Republican delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Cruz’s camp asserts that the rules won’t be changed to allow the front-runner to reach 1,237 delegates, the number needed to clinch the nomination.

“The notion that we would get a majority of delegates on the first ballot at the convention went down. And it’s gone down since then,” said Ron Nehring, a spokesman for the Cruz campaign. Nehring added that Trump is well aware that he “doesn’t have the math” and that the rules would not be changed for him.

“This is a guy who likes to file a lot of lawsuits you know, when he doesn’t get his way,” says Nehring. The spokesman pointed to the fact that the rules require a candidate to get a majority, and Trump “can’t get there.”

Nehring was grilled on his joint effort with candidate John Kasich to stop Trump from getting 1,237 delegates, but the spokesman noted that the move was not an indication that the Texas senator was dropping out of the race.

Cruz’s camp says the nature of the campaign has changed, and they must adapt to the changes. “This is an extraordinary election,” said Nehring, noting that there are now only two candidates that have a remote possibility of emerging as the Republican nominee.

Written by Andrew

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