John McCain, Jeb Bush and Koch Brothers Won’t Attend Republican National Convention

Several big names will be absent at the Republican National Convention, including Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor, and John McCain, Arizona Senator. The Koch brothers, known for their political influence and giving hundreds of millions of dollars to politicians, will also be absent.

The convention will be held in Cleveland in July.

ABC News spoke with Charles Koch about his absence, and he stated “Why go?” The billionaire insisted that the brothers are not interested in politics, but that they use their money to improve people’s lives through policies.

The billionaire family has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican candidates in the last decade. A surprising remark from Koch’s interview came when he said, “If Democrats will do a better job, we would support them.”

Charles Koch states, “We’re not going to get in any campaign where we can’t make a difference.” The Republican-supporting billionaire does not back a Trump presidency and believes that “it’s possible” that another Clinton in the White House is better than a Republican President.

When pressed on House Speaker Paul Ryan, Koch stated, “He is better on issues than the remaining Republican candidates.” Koch believes that Ryan cannot win the election otherwise “that would create the impression this whole thing is rigged.” The comments are in regards to backing Ryan as a “white knight” for the Republican party in the event that Trump does not secure the necessary delegates to get the nomination.

Written by Andrew

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