Sanders on Meet the Press: Democratic Party Hasn’t Been Fair to Me

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was interviewed by Chuck Todd for an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” which aired on Sunday. Todd asked Sanders a tough question: “Do you think this process has been fair to you?” Sanders replied, “Yes and no.”

Sanders pointed to the media, which gives the Vermont senator little airtime. The senator criticized the media for its lack of focus on real issues facing America in 2016.

Todd asked the toughest question of the night: “So it sounds like the party, though, you feel like it has been fair to you?” referencing the Democratic party. Sanders replied with another “no” before elaborating that his campaign is taking on the establishment. The senator pointed to Democratic debates that were shown at a time where there would be minimal viewing audiences.

Three of four debates took place on weekend nights when many viewers are out and about.

Sanders does believe that he has been given a fair shot at the nomination, according to the interview. The Vermont senator reaffirmed that his campaign is still in the race and that they will be in the race until California. “We are not writing our obituary,” replied Sanders. Clinton currently holds a lead of 750 delegates when superdelegates are included.

Written by Andrew

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