Trump Attacks Kasich and Cruz for Joint Strategy to Block His Nomination

Just hours after John Kasich and Ted Cruz announced their strategy to block Donald Trump from clinching the Republican nomination, Trump attacked the two candidates through a statement that gave credence to his argument that the U.S. political system is “totally rigged.”

Trump called the effort “sad,” and said the two candidates are colluding against him, a person who has only been in politics for ten months, to block him from clinching the Republican nomination.

Criticizing Cruz, Trump said the Texas senator has “done very poorly” and is getting desperate after his loss in the New York primary.

“He does not react well under pressure,” says Trump. “Also, approximately 80% of the Republican party is against him,” he added.

Trump attacked Kasich as well, pointing to the fact that the Ohio governor has only won one out of 41 contests. He asserted that other candidates who dropped out of the race would have performed better than Kasich, citing Rubio, who has more delegates than Kasich. “85% of Republican voters are against Kasich,” Trump said.

The Republican front-runner called the Kasich-Cruz alliance a “collusion to stay alive.”

“This act only shows, as puppets of donors and special interests, how truly weak they and their campaigns are,” he said.

Trump asserts that his campaign has allowed everyone to see that the “Republican primary system is totally rigged.”

Written by Andrew

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