Cruz Far Behind in Polls Going into Rhode Island Primary

Republican hopefuls will square off in the Rhode Island primaries on Tuesday night, with Donald Trump a front-runner to win the state. Ted Cruz may be looking at the end of his campaign with a dismal showing in the New York primaries and the likelihood that he will not secure a delegate in Rhode Island.

There are 19 total delegates up for grabs tonight, and the state’s unusual voting rules divide delegates. Even if Trump wins 50 percent of the vote, he may walk away with just 9 out of 19 delegates.

Cruz needs to win 10 percent or more of the vote if he hopes to stop Trump. Kasich and Trump would split the delegates among themselves, with Cruz walking away with none if he doesn’t reach the 10 percent threshold.

Ted Cruz reached just 9.6 percent of the votes in Massachusetts and 14.5 percent of the votes in New York.

Trump was rallying in Warwick, Rhode Island on Monday in an effort to secure as many delegates as possible to reach the threshold of 1,237 and clinch the Republican nomination. Trump would receive at least an extra delegate if Cruz fails to hit the 10 percent mark tonight.

Written by Andrew

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