Sanders Won’t Urge Supporters to Back Clinton in General Election

Bernie Sanders will not urge his supporters to back Hillary Clinton in the event that she wins the Democratic nomination. Clinton held a town hall meeting on Monday and said she expects Sanders to urge his supporters to back her in the general elections.

Sanders replied by saying, “It is incumbent upon Secretary Clinton.”

Sanders did follow up the answer to state that he will do everything in his power to ensure that a Republican does not get into the White House. Clinton, speaking to Rachel Maddow, stated that she supported Barack Obama in the 2008 elections after she withdrew from the race.

Clinton also stated, “I ran a really hard race; it was much closer than the race now.” Approximately 40% of Clinton voters said that they would not support Obama for president when Clinton dropped out of the race, but Clinton urged all of her backers to support Obama in the race for presidency.

Bernie Sanders, earlier in the night’s segment, reaffirmed that he hopes Secretary Clinton would come close towards him and his supporters on several issues, including healthcare, college tuition and fossil fuels.

The two presidential hopefuls will go into Tuesday night with five primaries that will dictate the remainder of the election.

Written by Andrew

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