Trump to Use Bernie Sanders’ Material Against Clinton

Donald Trump is impressed with Bernie Sanders. The presidential hopeful announced on Wednesday morning that he will be using a lot of the material used by Bernie Sanders for his own purposes.

Talking on MSNBC’s “Morning Show,” Trump said, “Bernie Sanders has a message that’s interesting.”

Trump won a landslide victory in Tuesday night’s primaries, all but securing his place as the Republican nominee. Trump is struggling with the possibility that he may lead drastically in the delegate count, but he may not be able to secure the required 1,237 delegates needed to become the Republican nominee.

The presidential hopeful has also pointed to Sanders as a candidate that has been treated unfairly by the Democratic Party. Trump went as far as suggesting, “He should run as an independent, I think,” talking about Sanders.

Sanders’ campaign has rejected the idea of running as an independent in the past and has recently stated that he will do everything in his power to ensure that a Republican does not enter the White House.

Trump quoted Sanders on Clinton, “In terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking.” Trump stated that he could re-read speeches by Sanders to get good material if he squares off against Clinton for the presidential nomination.

Written by Andrew

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